Referrals By Attorneys

Dear Colleagues,

Immigration Law is a highly specialised and complex field of the South African Law. It is therefore advisable that foreign nationals be represented by specialist immigration attorneys who have the relevant knowledge and practical experience to ensure that the client receives the best possible advice and assistance.

As a Law Firm specialising in Immigration Law, we do accept referrals from other non-immigration attorneys / law firms / practitioners.
We will consult directly with the client (in person at our office / via e-mail / telephonically / Skype), in order to assess whether the client qualifies for assistance.

If the client qualifies for assistance, a written quotation will be provided to the client prior to commencement of our service.
When the deposit payment is received from the client to commence, an agreed referral fee will be paid to the referring attorney / law firm / practitioner.

Unfortunately, we do not provide assistance, guidance or advice to other non-immigration attorneys / law firms / practitioners pertaining to Immigration Law / Home Affairs matters.

Kindly send us an e-mail if you want to refer a client or have any queries.

Thank you.

Managing Director